From April through September 2011 Tidewater marine conducted an intensive evaluation of the MoorGuard grommet on their Mediterranean service fleet.  Trevor Bell, Operations Manager, provided the following testimonial. If you have a business you probably need the help of a web design agency in Boise to get more customer to your business.

From: “trevor bell”

Date: 17 April 2011 5:03:10 PM GMT+08:00

Subject: Re: Moorguard

Good morning

Well what can i say

it does what it says

i am thoroughly convinced this system is going to save lives.

i will take them off the vessels at the end of this month but so far very posative feedback from the captains

the only negative is the yellow exterior cover is wearing out on the bollards but other than that its all good


i have show the video to Gupco which is Bp and the local oil company here in egypt they are very interested


i will keep you informed



The original design was for a one month trial.  As a result of the exceptional performance the test was extended an additional four months.  The trial protocol and results are listed below:


The purpose of this trial is to determine Q (fitness for use) for the MoorGuard® safety mooring grommet.


A minimum of four (4) grommets will be tested, under normal use conditions, aboard Tidewater Marine tugs in the Mediterranean Sea for a period of no less than 30 days. The general performance of the grommets in standard mooring and towing situations will be evaluated to determine if the device meets the expected requirements for a grommet. The abrasion resistance of the jacket material will be evaluated to determine if it is adequate for the intended use. The sleeve in sleeve warning design will be evaluated for efficacy.


4 grommets were tested under heavy use conditions on harbor tugs for a period of five (5) months. The grommets met the expected requirements for a grommet under normal use conditions. No grommet exhibited signs of failure or early release. One grommet was intentionally overloaded to confirm advertised performance. The observations of the Trial Supervisor are reported below in the attached e-mails along with pictures of the units after the trial. A concern was raised about the abrasion resistance of the jacket material. On inspection the concern appears to be that the jacket sleeves opened prematurely. The jacket material itself showed no sign of premature abrasive wear. The sleeve in sleeve design performed as intended. The premature breaking of the pins used to hold the sleeves in position did not invalidate the performance.


The grommets were tested for a period five times longer than the plan design and in line with the normal working life of a grommet.  The MoorGuard grommets tested were found to be fully acceptable for use as a mooring or towing grommet. The jacket material was judged adequate for the task. Additional customer feedback recommended providing higher abrasion jacket options on request, this recommendation has been added to the program.

The sleeve in sleeve design provided a foolproof instant warning mechanism. Additional customer design reviews recommended removal of the sleeve to allow observation of the line during stretching, the ability of the operator to see the rope behavior was deemed more important.

As result of the customer preference for full visibility of the stretch mechanism each grommet rating was lowered by approximately 20% and a safety factor calculation was added to the design criteria for grommet size determination.


From: Trevor Bell

Subject: pics

Date:       September 22, 2011 10:04:49 AM EDT

To: Tom Fields <>

please see attached PICS

as you can see one is stretched, this was intentional and it gave lots of warning and for sure a normal rope would have parted and possible hurt the crew with the snap back (great product with great safety potential)

These PICS where taken after 5 months hard use on harbor tugs so to say they have been well used is an understatement


Again i would like to say i think this is a potential life saver




MoorGuard® grommet – Mark II design – 5 Months service – Mediterranean Sea


MoorGuard® grommet – Mark II design – Intentionally stretched