OpenWater Series

Openwater - MoorGuard fuse annotated

The MoorGuard OpenWater series of fuses are designed to be used in open water, heavy seas conditions.  They are designed to hold a load at the primary line’s safe working load.

They are type approved by Bureau Veritas and are sized to correspond to the standard lines used for workboat mooring offshore.

They are also used as the energy capturing component in other MoorGuard fuses.


LineSaver SeriesLinesaver - installed graphic annotated

The MoorGuard LineSaver series of fuses are designed to be used for general mooring operations.  LineSaver fuses are two component fuses containing a trigger component and an energy capturing component.

They are designed to activate at the safe working load of the primary line, capture the primary line rebound at activation and hold the line at a minimum acceptable level.

LineSaver series have the lowest release energy making them the safest design for use around humans.


Technology3T5935 Chart

To function as a fuse for rope MoorGuard must have:

The ability to dissipate dangerous potential energy, at a known level, below the minimum breaking point.

The ability to safely hold the load after activation.

Fuse DesignLinesaver - installed graphic annotated


Use Guidelines for MoorGuardSlide14


A MoorGuard OpenWater series fuse application is designed in three steps. First determine the Safe Working Load of the application. Second match the Minimum Elongation Load of the fuse to the Safe Working Load of the system. Third recalculate the Minimum Break Strength of the replacement rope.