MoorGuard OpenWater series fuses are designed to be used where it is critical to hold a load at the Safe Working Load of the Mooring line. The Open Water fuse does not contain a primary trigger. It relies on the size of the fuse and the amount of MoorGuard fiber to hold a load until the chosen trigger point is reached.


3T5935 Chart


OpenWater fuses can be use in the eye of the line.


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Installed with a simple cow hitch the splice is centered on the bollard.

Openwater - short Loop


Fuses can be fabricated in any length. They can be made as short as can safely be spliced for use as towing pendants or long enough for fit over any bollard.

The MoorGuard fiber does not elongate where it is under outside pressure. The fiber only elongates in the free standing portion of the rope. To calculate the total elongation multiply the free standing length by a factor of eight.



Used on the bollard as a permanent addition to the mooring system.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

This design is useful for protection of port facilities and permanent mooring locations. By doubling the loop back on itself the size of the rope fuse can be smaller and easier to handle.

This mooring method is especially useful for storm, typhoon and hurricane mooring. During periods of high water or tide the fuse elongates to maintain proper tension on the line while insuring the lines don’t snap and can eliminate the need to constantly tend lines during the storm.

Openwater - inline installation graphic annotated


The fuse can be used in line between a line and tail.

Openwater - doubled graphic annotated


In difficult weather conditions more of the line capacity can be used by doubling up the fuse.


Openwater - multi-strand fuse


Fuses can be manufactured from purpose built rope or built up with multiple loops of smaller rope. This characteristic allows customers to maintain a small number of rope sizes to manufacture an infinite number of fuse combinations.

Towing - two stage graphic annotated


Fuses can be manufactured with two, three or more stages each getting progressively stronger, as for a towing pendant.

Openwater - Mk X activated comparison annotated


Fuses can be manufactured with positive warning systems. In this design the open jacket exposes the red core signaling an overload situation in time to take corrective action.


Linesaver - inline spliced fuse A fuse element can be spliced in line with elastic and non-elastic segments to make a fully integrated mooring line.


Stopper Complete


A fuse element can even be included in the stoppers used to secure lines during mooring preventing injuries from smaller line breaks.